Child Support

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In Texas, child support is obligatory, regardless of whether the custodial parent has the income to support the child. Child support payments are made by the non-custodial parent and are intended to provide for the needs of the child. At the Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson, in Fort Worth, Texas, we are committed to helping parents ensure their children have the financial resources they need.

Experienced Child Support Lawyers

While there are child support guidelines written into the Texas Family Code, courts can deviate from these guidelines when it is in the best interest of the child. A non-custodial parent will typically be ordered to pay 20% of their net resources for one child and 25% of their net resources for two children, with a cap of $7500 a month net as defined by the Texas Family Code. However, circumstances vary and our attorneys are committed to helping our clients establish appropriate child support for their children.

Parents with high incomes may be ordered to pay more to support activities such as school tuition, sporting activities, and other extra curricular activities. In Texas, lifestyle is not considered in deviating from the states child support guidelines. However, in cases where the reported income of a parent is not in line with the lifestyle the family is living, child support may be awarded in an amount that deviates from the statutory guidelines based on the "needs" of the child.

Child Support Modification

Child support orders can be modified to reflect the changing circumstance of the parents. However, the courts take requests for modifications seriously. Our attorneys work closely with our clients seeking child support modifications to present a solid argument for a modification.

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