How to Save Your Marriage

Helping People Considering Divorce Save their Marriage

Not all divorces are worth pursing and not all marriages are worth saving. It may seem an odd juxtaposition, but the divorce lawyers at The Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson, in Fort Worth, Texas, often seek to help people save failing marriages. Often people seek out a divorce lawyer when they discover there has been adultery in a marriage or they are feed-up with drug abuse or alcohol abuse. Decisions to seek a divorce should never be made out of anger.

Saving a Marriage

If filing for divorce is difficult, trying to save a marriage and rebuild lost trust is grueling; but it can be rewarding. We sit down with each of our clients and ask one simple question, why are you seeking a divorce? Many of our clients still love their spouse but they cannot deal with adultery, gambling, or drug and alcohol abuse. Sometimes the communication in the relationship has broken down. With a commitment by both partners, many of these problems can be resolved through counseling and professional dispute resolution techniques.

The lawyers at The Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson strive to help people work through the issues that brought them to our office and when appropriate provide the resources necessary to save their marriage. However, we recognize that many marriages can not or should not be saved. For example, marriages involving spousal abuse or child abuse are most likely beyond redemption. We are dedicated to understand our client's issues and helping them find the right solution to their problems, whether that is reconciliation or a divorce.

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