Fort Worth Premarital Agreement Attorneys

Establish Property Rights Before Your Marriage

At The Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson in Texas, our experienced family law attorneys understand that negotiating a pre- or postmarital agreement requires legal and financial knowledge, as well as sensitivity to each party's needs. We will review your assets and discuss the options available to you with a pre- or postmarital agreement.

Fort Worth Premarital Agreement Lawyers

A premarital agreement establishes what each party's property rights will be if the marriage ends in divorce or one spouse dies before the other. It is a legal contract that lists the assets and debts each person has prior to the marriage. When the agreement is drafted, there must be full and fair disclosure from each party. If all assets and debts are not disclosed at that time, the agreement will not be legally binding.

Premarital agreements have numerous uses, including:

  • Specifying what will be community property and what will be separate property
  • Determining property division rights in the event of divorce
  • Preserving the assets each party brings to the marriage
  • Setting aside assets for children in blended families
  • Keeping each party's individual debts separate

Postmarital Agreements

Postmarital agreements are similar to premarital agreements, but they are drafted after a couple is married. You can use a postmarital agreement to protect new assets you acquire during the marriage. You can also use a postmarital agreement to partition off assets in order to protect one spouse from the debts and liability of the other spouse. This is especially important for business owners, doctors and other professionals whose assets may be subject to lawsuits or who wish to use the agreement for tax planning purposes.

Texas Postmarital Agreement Lawyers

A postmarital agreement can also function like a pre-divorce settlement to outline specific property rights of each party. To arrange an appointment with our Texas postmarital agreement lawyers, please call 817-735-4000 or contact us online.