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Property division is one of the most complex aspects of divorce settlements. It is also one of the key determinants as to whether a divorce dispute can be resolved amicably or will need to be litigated. At the Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson, in Fort Worth, Texas, we have extensive experience handling property settlements involving large real estate holdings, retirement accounts, investments, and family owned and closely held businesses.

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In any divorce there are two types of property: community property and separate property. Most asset division disputes are related to three factors, what is and is not community property, the value of the community assets, and how those assets should be divided. Our attorneys have been handling property valuations for more than three decades. We have a comprehensive understanding of what comprises community property as well as how to protect separate property during the valuation phase of a divorce.

  • Community property consists of any assets acquired during the marriage, including the increased value of businesses and income received from separate property during the marriage.
  • Separate property includes any assets owned prior to the marriage, assets inherited during the marriage, and gifts, including gifts from a spouse.
  • Asset valuations are complex. Determining the value of community assets and the increased value of separate assets, and managing business valuations can require the expertise of CPAs, business evaluators, and forensic accountants.

Once the value of property is established and the status of the property is determined, it is divided in a just and right manner. What is just and right is different in every case. Some of the factors considered in making property division decisions include earning capacity and which spouse has custody of children. Often property is divided in an unequal manner in lieu of alimony. The attorneys at the Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson are committed to helping ensure our clients receive an equitable distribution of the marital assists.

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