Business Ownership, Valuation & Division

Dividing a Business in a Divorce

If you and your spouse own a business or interest in a business as part of the marital estate, dividing the assets during divorce will be a complex issue. To ensure that your rights are protected, you want an experienced divorce attorney who understands the complexities of business valuation.

At The Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson, our divorce lawyers all have more than a decade of experience focused exclusively on family law. Additionally, founding attorney Gary L. Nickelson is a highly respected attorney who is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He routinely takes on the most complex divorce cases, including those involving business ownership, valuation and division.

We Have the Experience and Resources You Need

Accurately valuing joint business assets takes thorough examination of financial accounts. The law requires that the business must be valued on the day of the divorce. Our attorneys work closely with forensic accountants and other experts who have the expertise to correctly value a business to meet this specific guideline. An accurate value is also important because if the business' value is inflated, one spouse will not be able to buy out the other spouse.

We have represented clients with the following types of business assets:

  • Oil, gas or mineral rights
  • Privately and publicly held companies
  • Professional practices
  • Agriculture or ranching operations
  • Stock options and portfolios
  • Deferred compensation plans

We will also help you with the collateralization of any debt and with the tax implications of dividing the business. With the advice of tax experts, we can structure a settlement that minimizes your tax liability.

Fort Worth Business Valuation Lawyers

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