Division of Professional Practices

We Will Protect Your Interests

Many doctors, engineers, CPAs, lawyers, architects, dentists, veterinarians and other professionals own practices or interests in practices. This is an extremely valuable asset that must be protected in the event of a divorce.

If you are a professional who is facing divorce, make certain that your law firm has the experience to protect your business interests. We represent clients with diverse business assets, including professional practices. Our knowledgeable attorneys have considerable experience with complex property division as well as business ownership, valuation and division.

Issues Common to Professional Practices

The importance of accurately valuing your professional practice and protecting your rights to it in a divorce cannot be overstated. That is why we work with an array of financial experts, including business appraisers, accountants and tax experts, to advise us on the following issues:

  • Calculation of the fair market value
  • Appreciation
  • Tax implications
  • The value of the equipment
  • The real estate value of the property

One factor that is in the professional's favor is that personal goodwill is not divisible by Texas courts; the professional retains sole ownership of it.

Fort Worth Professional Practice Valuation Lawyers

You have worked hard to build your practice; we will work hard to protect it during marital asset division. To make an appointment, please call the Fort Worth office of The Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson at 817-735-4000 or contact us online.