2 advantages to getting less custody than you initially wanted

2 advantages to getting less custody than you initially wanted

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Child Custody And Support

Divorcing parents often fight hard to get as large a share of custody as possible. As getting more custody time means the other parent gets less, demanding too much can inevitably drag the divorce process out as each parent fights their corner. 

That is not beneficial for your children, friends and family who have to watch the show. Nor is it the best for you. It is better to set fairer goals relating to time with your children and try to reach a compromise that everyone can live with via collaborative law or mediation rather than litigation.

A fairer split allows the child to benefit from each parent’s skills

As a married parent, you likely left some tasks to your spouse, and they left some to you. Perhaps you were the one to accompany your children to the doctor and help them with science projects. Your spouse may have been the one to cheer them on at sports games and create costumes for Halloween.

Everyone is better at some things than others, and ensuring your children spend regular time with both of you allows them to take advantage of your diverse talents.

It allows you time to do other things

Raising children alone is incredibly hard work. Just ask those who have no choice. So, if your spouse is willing to take the kids a few days a week, why not take advantage? You could use that time to study, work, exercise, hit the dating scene, catch up with friends or rest.

These are just two of the many reasons to consider sharing custody more equally. If it sounds appealing, then find out more about the legalities of making it work.