Should you keep things to yourself in a divorce?

Should you keep things to yourself in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Divorce

Some people like to tell people about their divorce. Others prefer a more private approach. Which is correct?

There is no right way to divorce, and who you tell and what you tell them is up to you., but there are some important things to understand:

You need to look like a reasonable person to the judge

Judges are humans, and while they are required to follow the relevant laws, their personal perception of you may have some bearing on the outcome of their decisions.

Your spouse may be looking for snippets to use against you

Spent the weekend drowning your sorrows with friends and decided to go onto social media at two in the morning to make your feelings about your spouse clear? If you say something nasty, they may snap a screenshot and add it to the collection of your ill-advised late-night posts. They may use them to tell a judge that you are not the nice person you appear to be in court.

Word may get back to your children

Your child does not need to hear the juicy details about your divorce. The more people you tell, or the more you share about it on social media, the more likely they find out via someone who saw or heard your comments. Schoolchildren can be cruel, and they may use the information to tease or bully your child, making your divorce even more difficult for them than it already is.

It’s important to share some things with close friends or family, and you also need to give your legal team the information they need to help get you a successful result. Other than that, it’s probably best to keep most things private, especially if you have significant assets to protect.