Protecting the Rights of Unmarried Couples

Heterosexual and homosexual couples who live together without being legally married need written contracts in order to have rights if the relationship ends. Similar to premarital and postmarital agreements for married couples, cohabitation agreements specify each party’s rights to property and other benefits.

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Benefits of Cohabitation Agreements

In Texas, unmarried couples do not have the same legal rights as married couples. However, with a cohabitation agreement, you can establish certain rights. Cohabitation agreements are legal contracts detailing the assets and debts each party has prior to entering the relationship. They establish the property rights of each party should the couple separate or if one partner dies before the other.

Cohabitation agreements are a good idea for couples with a high net worth, as well as people with modest assets. They are beneficial for anyone who wants to set aside assets for children or protect assets in the event of the end of the relationship.

Without a cohabitation agreement in place, dividing assets can be a complex matter. Issues such as owning real estate together and dividing insurance and other benefits are simplified when they are addressed in a cohabitation agreement. Our Fort Worth cohabitation agreement lawyers can discuss your needs and draft an agreement that works for you.

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