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Allegations of family violence are serious. Unfortunately, in recent years, more and more domestic violence claims related with divorce actions are false. Lawyers use domestic violence claims to obtain an advantage in child custody and property settlement matters. The worst part of this tactic is that it makes legitimate claims of family violence harder to prove. At The Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson, we have extensive experience helping abused spouses obtain orders of protection as well as defending people falsely accused of domestic violence.

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Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyers

Allegations of domestic violence have a significant impact on divorce settlements. While even a conviction for spousal abuse will not prevent a court from ordering visitation, it will affect child custody arrangements and alimony payments. Be aware that a conviction for domestic violence can affect more than divorce matters; a conviction will appear on criminal background checks forever.

When domestic violence is involved in our divorce cases, we work hard to protect our client’s safety. Rather than relying on an accusation, we work to show a pattern of behavior. This may involve collecting medical records when they exist, as well as obtaining police records and statements from witnesses. Then we work to secure the custody of any children and maximize the property settlement our clients receive.

Family violence is serious, and so are false accusations. We work hard to ascertain the truth and then do all we can to protect the current and long-term interests of our clients.

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