Fort Worth Attorneys for Post-Divorce Modifications

Parental visitations, possession of the children, and access to the children are examples of post-divorce modifications. Many aspects of a divorce decree can be modified by the consent of the former spouse or by a court order. However, all modifications require official recognition by the court. Not going through official channels can lead to contempt of court difficulties. At The Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson, our attorneys are committed to helping our clients obtain court approval for the modification of any aspect of a divorce decree.

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What Are Grounds for a Modification?

There are two things that drive most post-divorce modification: kids and money. When modifications are related to issues concerning the children, parents are typically trying to alter custody arrangements or the amount of child support being paid. In either case, the courts require that there is a material and substantial change in circumstances. The increased earning of the non-custodial parent may be sufficient to get a child support order changed. And a change in work schedule may be enough to get a custody order changed.

Our attorneys regularly work with clients to help them understand what constitutes a material and substantial change in circumstances. Such changes may include increased needs of the child, physical abuse, or drug and alcohol abuse. Any modifications will be considered by the courts in relation to what is in the best interests of the children. We help our clients build their case for a modification before going to court to assure our clients understand the likelihood that the request will be granted.

Parental Relocations

As society becomes increasingly mobile, more and more parents are seeking court approval to move their children to a different jurisdiction. The courts do not make it easy to relocate if you have children. It must be shown that the move is not being made to limit access of the other parent and that the same opportunities are not available locally. Even if both of these conditions are met the court may not grant permission to move the child because of the harmful effect on the non-custodial parent’s access to the children. We are committed to working with parents to help them achieve their objectives that are in line with the best interests of the children.

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