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Texas has some of the most conservative alimony/maintenance laws in the country. Alimony, as it is commonly referred to, is financial support — or spousal maintenance — for one spouse. Spousal maintenance can be available in marriages of 10 or more years, where one spouse has few assets and is unable to provide for their minimum reasonable needs because of their low income potential.

There is a complex set of conditions that must be met before spousal maintenance is even an option. Spousal maintenance can be awarded for up to $5,000 per month, depending on a number of factors. The length of payment depends on the length of the marriage.

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Understanding Alimony in Texas

In addition to spousal maintenance, a divorce settlement may stipulate that alimony be paid. Alimony is a contractual obligation; it is not granted by the court. Whether it is alimony or spousal maintenance, you may need to argue for an amount that is fair under the specific facts of your case.

Our attorneys have represented clients seeking alimony as well as those seeking to avoid alimony payments. In divorce matters where there is a significant disparity in the earning capacity of the spouses, our lawyers work to reach a property division settlement to reflect that disparity.

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