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Most people in the middle of divorce proceedings will say that it is a complex matter. When it comes to the emotional aspects of divorce, that is certainly true. However, some cases are legally complex as well. If you are in a highly contested divorce or are facing the division of complex marital assets, you need a divorce attorney with the skill to guide you through the process.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Gary L. Nickelson practice family law exclusively. We have decades of experience with all types of divorce and custody cases, including those involving extremely complex legal issues. While we are skilled negotiators, we understand that in complex cases, litigation may be the only answer. We are prepared to argue your case in court if necessary.

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Handling Complex Legal Issues

The circumstances that can make a divorce particularly complex are almost too numerous to name. However, in many cases, they involve a highly contested custody battle in which neither side is willing to compromise. In cases such as these, it is not uncommon for one spouse to make false accusations of domestic violence or child abuse. Those allegations must be addressed before the divorce and custody case can proceed.

Even when both parties are playing fairly, a divorce may be complex because of the type of assets in the marital estate. This can include:

We will hire financial, tax and business valuation experts to advise us on financial matters. To find hidden assets, we will work with forensic accountants.

If a couple lives in different states, they may have to file lawsuits in both states to handle property issues. We have the experience to handle multi-jurisdictional issues such as these.

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